Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Abandoned: "Malone" Rockland Psychiatric Center

"This state psychiatric hospital was constructed in 1927, and admitted its first patients in 1931. At its peak time of operation, the hospital had reached a patient population of 9,560 in 1956.

Most of the institution started closing down in the 1990s; about 70% of the buildings have been abandoned, and many patients from the active high rises are allowed to walk around the grounds. Patrols are frequent and thorough, and are performed by marked and unmarked cars.

The property is undergoing assessment for reuse; major cleanup costs will consist of lead based paint removal and asbestos abatement (estimated at $9 million alone)."


"Malone Psychiatric Center provides treatment, rehabilitation, and support to adults 18 and older with severe and complex mental illness. Contemporary treatment is offered for persons whose mental illness requires hospitalization. The focus is on treatment and stabilization, with the goal of preparing the patient for return to his or her community. MPC emphasizes medication management, family support, activities that build social, vocational and educational skills, and careful aftercare planning in accomplishing this goal. Specializing in intermediate and extended inpatient treatment, MPC also provides supportive residential care a Residential Care Facility for Adults and a State Operated Community Residence on campus. In addition, MPC provides varying levels of community based mental health services in New York counties and a specialized statewide service for people who are deaf and mentally ill.

Located in NY, MPC shares a multi-service campus with other state and voluntary agencies. Included on this 600-acre campus is the Nathan Kline Institute (NKI), a distinguished OMH research facility affiliated with the New York University Department of Psychiatry.

MPC is part of a cooperative network of county, voluntary, and state mental health providers serving Hudson Valley and parts of New York City. This network offers an array of clinical, social, residential, vocational, educational and case management services specializing in intermediate and extended inpatient treatment, supportive residential care, and comprehensive community based treatment and support."